Reporter booted from public pro-immigration rally for asking wrong questions — about Kate Steinle

A reporter for a conservative outlet was thrown out of what was supposed to have been a public outdoor rally held in support of illegal immigration. It seems that the name “Kate Steinle,” the woman killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, touched a nerve.

Dan Joseph, working for MRC-TV, asked attendees at the University of Colorado at Boulder — the site of the third GOP presidential debate — if they’d heard of “Kate’s Law” or the events that led to Steinle’s death.

For the most part no one had heard of either Steinle or the proposed “Kate’s law,” although one participant, after being told the particulars, agreed that “people conducting felonies should not be immigrants.”

It didn’t take long before someone identifying himself as “security” for the event approached Joseph and asked him to leave — a rally open to the public.

“I don’t like you asking people here the questions that you’re asking,” the man said.

“Why are alternative view points and asking people these really tough questions about a really tough [issue] — why don’t you like that?” the reporter asked.

“You won’t ask these questions to anybody else here,” the man said. “You are not welcome here…it’s a special event.”

Joseph pointed out that it was an event open to the public, and he wasn’t the only member of the media who was present and asking questions.

“You will no longer ask those questions,” the man said, then kept repeating that it was “a special event,” while Joseph brought up something called the First Amendment freedom of the press.

He then wandered off and began interviewing another attendee on the issue of illegal immigration – who’d been deported five times.

Watch the exchange below.


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