Jeb shares daddy issues with kids: Greatest dad ‘would send me into a deep depression for days’

Jeb Bush just keeps sticking his foot in it – his mouth that is.

During a campaign stop in New Hampshire Wednesday Jeb told a bunch of middle and high school students that his dear old dad, George H.W. Bush, would sometimes send the presidential contender into a “deep depression for days.”

The event didn’t start off so morose. Jeb was at the charter school addressing staff, and students about education reform. It was when the audience had a chance to ask questions, that the discussion took a somewhat dark and awkward turn.

The event was captured in real time on Twitter:

Pretty weak, but it gets worse.

Doesn’t sound like things are going well, but it gets even worse.

OK, good. Let’s just leave it at that.

Ah, no, Jeb. Why?!

The MSNBC reporter who was there had an even more depressing interpretation of Jeb’s comments:

Jeb did know kids were there right? Right?!



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