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FBI has identified 2 emails that are ‘open-and-shut violations’ against Hillary, sources say

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Hillary Clinton puts on a brave face, but sources say she’s in big trouble.

Frequent Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said that according to two FBI sources, Clinton ran at least two emails through her private server containing the highest classification of information — top secret.

Crowley appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday and said that according to her anonymous sources, “at least 671 emails Mrs. Clinton sent or received” through her non-secure, private server contain classified information.

This is contrary to her repeated claims that classified information was never routed through her private email.

She said that of those 671, “at least four documents are extremely problematic,” and two of them contained top secret information.

One of those, “is an open-and-shut violation,” according to her sources, which could lead to building a case against her on two issues: gross negligence in mishandling of classified data, and obstruction of justice.

Also, according to her sources, FBI Director James Comey is personally involved with the investigation.

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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