Megyn presses superintendent on how he’s fighting Obama admin on transgender locker rooms

Megyn Kecate_leftlly tried to get to the heart of the issue why an Illinois school district is fighting a Department of Education ruling requiring them to allow a transgender male student to shower in the girls’ locker room.

On Tuesday’s “The Kelly File,” the Fox News host asked Dr. Daniel Cates, superintendent of Township High School District 211, what he intends to do to fight the Obama administration’s order.

“What are you worried will happen?” Kelly asked.  Cates seemed nervous and hesitant in his answers, prompting Kelly to keep probing.

The student in question was born male and has male anatomy, but dresses and identifies as female.  Cates told Megyn that parents and students overwhelmingly feel that protecting the girls’ privacy is more important than accommodating one transgender student.

“Respectfully, this is primetime cable. This isn’t like a superintendent board meeting,” Kelly said. “So we’ve got to get to the heart of the matter, which is: What are you going to do to fight the ruling?”

Cates reiterated that the district is willing to take the fight to a full hearing, or as far as they need to go.

Watch the Fox News video below.

Steve Berman


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