Twisted new game puts players inside burning World Trade Center on 9/11; victims’ families DISGUSTED

A shocking new virtual reality simulator aims to take people inside the World Trade Center’s north tower during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The first person, 3-D simulator titled “[08:46],” named after the time the first plane struck, was created by a group of French student developers, the New York Daily News reported.

Users are placed in an upper office during the attacks as the hijacked airplanes hit, fires break out and victims struggle for survival, placing frantic last phone calls for help that will never come, according to several videos of the “game” posted one month ago on YouTube.

911 Game

The game ends when the user, desperate and out of options, breaks a window and jumps to his or her death.

“Why would anyone do this? It’s disgusting. It hurts,” Denise Matuza, whose husband Walter perished in the north tower, told the Daily News, Monday.

“I’m sure there are sick people who will get a cheap thrill from this, but people should know it’s not a make-believe thing. In real life, it was someone’s husband or wife jumping and leaving behind a family,” she added.

911 Game

Dixie Hobbs, whose daughter Tara Hobbs died in the south tower, agreed.

“If you lose someone in such a horrific way, you shouldn’t have to relive that. We know what probably happened, but we weren’t there,” she told the News.

“Sometimes I get to a certain point imagining what happened, and I have to stop myself. It’s too painful. It’s too much,” the 72-year-old Hobbs added.

911 Game

“I wouldn’t ever participate in something like this. I don’t see it as beneficial. Maybe some people might learn from it, but I don’t think it’s something I could handle,” she said.

The game’s developers see it another way.

“We hoped to help people build an emotional connection to the victims of the attacks,” the game’s producer, Pierre-Yves Revellin, told the News.

“We would want people to think about 9/11 from the victims’ internal points of view … rather than the external, tele-visual point of view, which seems cold to us,” he said.

911 Game

Revellin told the News that he visited Ground Zero after the attack and interviewed a Canadian survivor to gain perspective.

“We understand that we probably hurt some people, but as artists, we have a responsibility to talk about what touches us and we tried to do this with all the honesty that we had and without any kind of disrespect for the victims,” he told the News.

Watch a video of a gamer playing, below.


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