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Shocking report may reveal why Dems are the party that booed God

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It all starts making sense now.

A Pew Research report released Tuesday indicates that the United States has undergone a modest drop in religious beliefs and practices. But what is most stunning is that the largest religious group comprised of Democrats is “none” — atheists, agnostics and those professing no religious affiliation.

Seven years ago, the largest religious group making up Democrats was Catholics, at 24 percent. As of 2014, Catholics dropped three percent, while “nones” jumped nine percent, from 19 to 28 percent.


Things have remained more stable for Republicans. In their case, the largest religious group happens to be evangelical Christians, and their percentage actually increased by a modest one percent during the last seven years, from 37 to 38 percent.

The years also saw a rise of “nones” in the ranks of the GOP — but nothing approaching that of the Democratic Party.


These new numbers seem to make sense of an event that occurred during the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

After the GOP criticized the Democratic Party for removing its prior reference to “God” and a call to declare Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, party leaders called for a vote to restore these items to its platform.

When convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, called for a voice vote to restore the planks, it was clear he didn’t get the two-thirds vote convention rules required.

It wasn’t even clear whether he received a simple majority.

He called for two more voice votes with the same result, before declaring that “In the opinion of the chair two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as is shown on the screen.”

At that moment, God was booed at the Democratic National Convention.

Watch the clip from Fox News Channel’s “special Report.”


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