Watch Hillary supporters say they’re OK with enforcing Sharia law; ‘sure, why not?’

Mark DiceMany Hillary Clinton supporters would vote for her no matter what scandal she’s involved in or nefarious activity she is engaged in, but just how far would they go?

Apparently far enough to allow an oppressive, murderous, woman-subjugating set of rules from the seventh century to be imposed on them.

Activist and author, Mark Dice, published another of his “Man on the Street” segments Monday on YouTube, pretending that Clinton supports Sharia law being imposed in urban areas and asking some of her supporters if they would still back her.

“Do you think that’s the right campaign platform? Sharia law expansion. Just to change the way women are treated in America?” he asked one woman.

“Absolutely,” she said. “Hillary’s cool, I’m going for it.”

“Sure, why not?” another opined.

In fairness to the mindless dolts who answered the question, it’s painfully apparent that the majority of them had no idea what Sharia Law is.

What’s scary is that their votes count.

Watch the video below.

Carmine Sabia


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