Video: Kids allowed to terrorize teachers – ‘State of Schools Nowadays?’

A horrifying video was posted on YouTube by LiveLeak Sunday, under the headline, “State of Schools Nowadays?”

It depicts a group of hooligan high school students terrorizing a teacher, one of whom threatens to hit her with an upraised chair.

education? (1)

The student with the chair appears to be the ringleader, and other students laugh and offer encouragement as he harasses the teacher and throws objects about the room.

“When I say something I mean it,” he can be heard saying to the teacher with the chair held high. “Now ask me what my name is again.”


The teacher stands and tells the disruptive student to put away “whatever you’re throwing” and tells the class “to have a seat.”

But instead of setting down, the ringleader tells the teacher he’s going to “smack her a** with a whole bag of M&Ms,” to the laughter of the rest of the room.


He can be seen later rifling through her desk drawer and telling her to “sit your a** down.”

No description is offered as to when or where the video was taken, other than “United States.”

Watch the video, via LiveLeak, a U.K.-based video sharing site.

Warning: Some disturbing language



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