Sports Illustrated model defends being half-naked in public: ‘Obviously I’m hot . . . might as well flaunt it’

A Sports Illustrated model who was chastised for wearing skimpy clothing is fighting back.

Samantha Hoopes faced a barrage of criticism when she went to a Hollywood bar earlier this week from customers who thought her shorts were too short to be worn in public.

One patron at the Earth Bar even went as far as taking a picture of the model’s posterior and posted it on her Instagram.

Samantha Hoopes
Photo credit TMZ.

Hoopes response?

She returned to the bar days later in even more revealing attire — lingerie, TMZ reported.

“On the way in some other girl’s taking a picture of my ass,” she told TMZ. “Another girl’s like where’s your pants?”

“If you have a nice butt you might as well flaunt it,” she added. “Why not just like wear what you want to wear?”

While she gave the interview to TMZ an approving man in a car next to her filmed her backside the entire time.

“People walk around with purple colored hair and no one says anything about it. But if you’re an attractive looking girl and you’re a** is out everyone’s like ‘where’s your clothes,’” she said. “It’s like, obviously I’m hot – nowhere.”

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