‘Sick, racist left’: Dem strategist uses ‘safe negro’ to describe Ben Carson on MSNBC

The reason Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is able to directly attack President Barack Obama with impunity is because his compelling story makes him a “safe negro,” according to one Democrat strategist.

L. Joy Williams made her comments during an appearance Sunday on MSNBC’s “Up,” with a panel discussing Carson’s general appeal to voters.

But listeners were not impressed with her assessment, and lashed out on social media, calling her racist and biased.

“So one, you’re right, Dr. Carson’s story is one in which those who knew him before hand, which I am among them, knew of his inspirational story,” she said at about the 4:25 mark.

“It was something he communicated all the time. But you mentioned something really important. The really important thing of people supporting him because it’s, ‘Oh, there’s another black man commenting or — negatively against the president and I don’t feel comfortable in doing so, because of the race factor.’ So here’s someone who can do it.”

After receiving some pushback for her remark, she added, “One in which, in terms of having the safe negro comment on someone that you’re against.”

Watch the clip, via MSNBC.

People took to social media to express their disgust.


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