‘Bob the Builder’ enters presidential race: Hilarious new ‘Jeb can fix it’ slogan backfires

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is being compared to Nickelodeon cartoon “Bob the Builder” after unveiling his new campaign slogan.

On Thursday during a campaign stop in Portsmouth, NH Bush revealed the slogan “Jeb Can Fix It.”


On Monday Bush started the “Jeb Can Fix it” tour at the Tampa Garden Club in Florida.

“If Lincoln were alive today, imagine the foolishness he would have to suffer. Advisers telling him to shave his beard. Cable pundits telling him to lose the top hat,” Bush lamented.

He said he has gotten some interesting advice about what to change to increase his poll numbers.

“Take off the suit coat, ditch the glasses, get rid of the purple striped tie,” he said to laughter. “I like this tie. It only cost 20 bucks.

“Some advice is more strategic. Nail that zinger. Be angrier. Hide your inner wonk. But I have learned two important things from my time serving the people of Florida: One, I can’t be someone I’m not. And, two, getting things done isn’t about yelling into a camera, or regurgitating sound bites free of substance,” he added before taking an even more blatant shot at Donald Trump.

“You can’t just tell Congress…‘You’re Fired’… and go to a commercial break,” he said.

Bush said he remains confident that he will win the nomination regardless of what the polls say now.

“When the dust clears, and the delegates are counted we will win this campaign,” he said.

Donald Trump and social media savants were not so sure.

Carmine Sabia


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