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Ted Nugent defends cop: Americans know damn well ‘that high school brat had it coming’

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Singer and political activist Ted Nugent slammed the “defiant brat” Spring Valley High School student who was yanked out of her chair by now fired officer Ben Fields, who Nugent heaped praise upon.

“I am proud to stand with the many millions of Americans who know damn well she had it coming, and clearly long overdue at that,” Nugent wrote in a column for World Net Daily this week.

“By all accounts, the brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her, simply refused to obey the rules, refused to obey the teacher, refused to obey the principal and refused to obey officer Fields,” he added.

Ted Nugent
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Nugent wrote that he raised his children right and is certain no member of his family would ever defy authority as he referred to the cases of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

None of my family members would attack a neighborhood watch volunteer and end up getting shot and killed.

None of my children would steal anything from a store and then assault the shopkeeper.

None of my children would defy orders from a cop, assault him and attempt to steal his gun, then attack him and get shot in self-defense.

None of the Nugent family would sell illegal cigarettes then violently resist arrest.

None of my children would disobey a directive from a teacher or any school authority figure.

In every case I know of where cops have been wrongfully accused of using unnecessary force, the so-called victim has disobeyed simple commands, and therefore asked for the resulting use of necessary force to bring the situation under control.

But if you have been allowed to disrespect and ignore authority your entire, pathetic, unruly, undisciplined life, you have been tragically trained to be a troublemaker, and at some point you will hit a dead-end brick wall, and you will deserve it.

Nugent asserted that the vast majority of cases where police are forced to use force would simply be avoided if the subject would simply obey.

The rocker said he was not surprised to see the defiant student turn into the victim in a nation where Hillary Clinton can lie to Congress, the IRS abuses its power, Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts and where President Obama routinely sides with thugs over police.

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