‘Go Fund Me’ page rakes in serious cash for belligerent teen who caused desk-flipping incident

It pays to be a disruptive miscreant.

That’s the message being sent as a GoFundMe account for the troublemaking student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina has amassed more than $42,000, surpassing its stated goal of $25,000.

This comes even after the officer involved, Ben Fields, was fired and after students at the school staged a walkout supporting the officer.


To read the description on the GoFundMe page, created by the student’s lawyers, you’d think this officer walked into a random classroom and decided to assault a random student who was “doing her math work.”

We are the Rutherford Law Firm, LLC located in Columbia, SC. We currently represent the Spring Valley High School Victim who was assaulted by former Deputy, Ben Fields.

Jane Doe was the victim of police brutality. While seated in her desk, doing her math work, former Deputy Ben Fields forcibly removed her from the desk by choking her, flipping the desk over while she was still seated, and slinging her six feet across the classroom by her clothes. As a result, she suffers injuries to her ribs, back, neck, shoulder; a broken arm, and abrasions to her face. The funds raised will be put towards medical costs, educational expenses, and any other expenses she has to endure.

Keep in mind that GoFundMe is the same website that removed campaigns for the six Baltimore police officers standing trial in the death of Freddie Gray as well as Arlene’s Flowers and Sweet Cakes by Melissa for not servicing gay weddings.

The double standard is blatant.

Carmine Sabia


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