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Fiorina to ‘The View’ biddies: ‘Have the guts to say that to my face’

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carley-fiorinaRepublican presidential hopeful Carley Fiorina threw a challenge down to the women on ABC’s “The View,” who mocked her smile at the last GOP presidential debate: Try saying “that to my face,” if you “have the guts.”

She made her remarks on “Fox News Sunday” after guest host John Roberts played a short clip of one woman calling Fiorina’s smile “demented, and another likened it to a “Halloween mask.”

“Frankly I am tired of being insulted by liberal feminists who talk about women’s issues when the reality is every issue is a woman’s issue — from the economy to ISIS to Russia to healthcare to education to the national debt,” Fiorina told Roberts.

“I think what these women represent is a set of liberal feminists who believe that if you do not agree with them on their liberal orthodoxy, that you don’t count, that somehow you’re not a woman,” Fiorina continued.

“You see, I know that women represent half the nation so of course our views are going to be as diverse as men’s. I also know that unless and until women’s potential is fully unlocked in this country — and women have been crushed under the Obama economy — that we will not be as good a nation as we can be.”

CNN’s Baldwin eviscerates hypocrites at ‘The View’ for mocking Fiorina’s ‘demented’ face

She added that it’s not just she who has been the brunt of liberal bias — she also mentioned former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann as victims of the “double standard” presented by the “liberal media” and by Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“It will not stop me, it will not scare me, and maybe the ladies of ‘The View,’ if I come back on again, let’s see if they have the guts to say that to my face,” Fiorina said.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin also took the women in “The View” to task for their remarks.

Watch the interview.


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