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‘We were betrayed’: Priebus pens scathing letter to NBC, denies candidate revolt

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus sent NBC a big “you’re fired” after Wednesday’s CNBC debate debacle, and many think it’s high time that the GOP deal with an increasingly hostile mainstream media.

In a letter sent Friday to NBC Chairman Andrew Lack, Priebus wrote,

The CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith. We understand that NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach. However, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance.

Priebus told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in Friday’s “On The Record” that “we were betrayed” by CNBC.  “[And] I think the candidates were betrayed by CNBC.”

“They did everything they promised not to,” the RNC chairman said.  The RNC took over the task of setting up debates this election cycle after 2012, when the networks put their own debates together and invited candidates.  Priebus said his job is to “protect these candidates,” while dismissing the idea that the campaigns are looking to “revolt” against the RNC.

When the news was released on social media, conservatives reacted with some encouragement.


NBC reacted with disappointment. But they know they’re biased.


One tweet looked at the CNBC attack as a gift: the RNC finally got the message of how biased the media really is.

Watch Priebus’ “On The Record” clip below.

Steve Berman


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