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Rubio crushes Clinton lapdog Charlie Rose during OUTRAGEOUS Benghazi exchange

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Rubio CBSCBS News’ Charlie Rose single-handedly proved Marco Rubio’s point about the media being Hillary Clinton’s super pac.

Rubio appeared on CBS “This Morning” on Thursday to discuss the previous night’s GOP debate — which many people believe he won — when Rose changed the line of questioning and became a champion for team Clinton.

While discussing his interaction with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at the debate, Rubio said he has not and will not attack anyone personally. Rose seized on the opening and jumped in to take up the mantle for Clinton.

“You called Hillary Clinton a liar senator,” Rose said.

As Rubio explained that the reason for that was the fact that Clinton did demonstrably lie about the attacks on Benghazi, he was continuously, and unprofessionally interrupted by a visibly angry Rose.

The more Rubio explained, detailing how and why Clinton fabricated a story about a YouTube video being responsible for the attacks to protect the presidential campaign of President Obama, the more incensed Rose became.

Rubio remained calm and unflappable.

Watch the entire tense exchange below.

Carmine Sabia


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