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Hillary dissenter slips into campaign event, elicits ‘BOOS’ for this simple question

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clinton-nhThe Clinton campaign’s well-known reputation for screening “ordinary folks” at her campaign stops to ensure only true supporters are allowed in, apparently fell apart at a New Hampshire rally.

A voter elicited some boos from  Hillary Clinton supporters at an event Thursday when he confronted the candidate on three of her many scandals  — Whitewater, Benghazi and her deleted emails.

“You said earlier that you wanted to end corruption,” the voter said. “But how can you do that after the Whitewater scandals, Benghazi, and deleted emails?”

To her credit, Clinton didn’t revert to maniacal laughter this time.

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“Well I wish you’d go back and read the history of the 1990’s because clearly there were, unfortunately, a lot of partisans who thought the best way to work my husband’s administrations was through attacks of all kinds, all of which all washed out,” she replied.

“I was elected to the Senate in New York in 2000. New York is a pretty tough place to run for office from. And I advise you to go back and read my eleven hours of testimony. I hope you enjoy it.”

Would that be the testimony in which Clinton acknowledged sending her daughter an email confirming that Benghazi was a planned attack, even though she continued to claim to the American people that it stemmed from an anti-Muslim YouTube video?

Watch the exchange.

The voter may have received a few boos from Clinton supporters, but he got kudos and high-fives elsewhere.

Bloomberg Politics correspondent, Jennifer Epstein, tweeted the question and Clinton’s response:


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