CNN’s Don Lemon starts to wonder if liberals are ‘more intolerant than conservatives’

Don LemonCNN anchor Don Lemon isn’t making any friends on the progressive left this week.

First, he said more information was needed about the incident in which a police officer allegedly  slammed a girl out of her desk at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, and now he has questioned whether or not progressives are stifling free speech.

Lemon was joined by CNN contributor Bakari Sellers and Bryan Stascavage, a Wesleyan student who wrote an op-ed for the school newspaper, The Angus, that was critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stascavage said in his op-ed that, while he does support some of the more moderate voices in the movement, he couldn’t support the movement as a whole because the “vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message.”

The Black Lives Matter group on campus immediately issued a petition demanding the staff of The Angus undergo sensitivity training and give a spot on the front page to “marginalized groups/voices.”

If its demands aren’t met, they said they will ask for the paper to be defunded by the student government and vow to destroy any copies of the paper they find.

Lemon found that to be deeply troubling.

“Have we become so politically correct that it isn’t even possible to have productive conversations anymore?” he asked.

Lemon and Sellers agreed that an open dialogue was needed for people to grow and learn from each other.

“Are progressives becoming too politically correct [and] more intolerant than conservatives in some ways?” Lemon questioned.

Sellers disagreed and said he found it ironic that they were having a conversation on being politically correct with Don Lemon.

“I don’t believe in political correctness,” Lemon agreed. “You know that I don’t.”

Watch the exchange below.

Carmine Sabia


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