Classless! Hillary uses clip of her ‘bored’ self from Benghazi hearing to poke fun at GOP debate

Clinton RubioHillary Clinton live texted and tweeted the GOP debate Wednesday night, and one of her tweets got the ire of Sen. Marco Rubio.

The texts, for which supporters had to subscribe via their mobile devices, did not seem too surprising.

Clinton bashed GOP candidates on “women’s health,” education, women’s pay and LGBT issues while doing the same on Twitter.

It was her last tweet of the evening, however, that made Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio fighting mad.

Clinton tweeted a .gif picture of herself from the Benghazi hearings last week, looking bored and brushing her shoulder, to show her indifference to what the Republican field had said.

Classless. And Rubio called her on it.

“I found it outrageous that she used video from the Benghazi hearing — a hearing about the loss of four American lives — to put up something trivial about her brushing something off her shoulder,” Rubio told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday. “That was a serious hearing about a serious issue.”

Clinton Text
Photo credit Yahoo News.

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