Watch out . . . school says this American flag t-shirt may be ‘gang-related’

CaliforniaTshirtIs America a gang now?

A California middle schooler was forced to turn his American flag t-shirt inside-out for fear that it may be perceived as being “gang-related.”

When Dustin Cole, 12, an honor student at Yuba Gardens Intermediate school in Olivehurst, arrived home last week, his mother, Lori Carpenter, asked him why the shirt she’d bought him was inside-out.

“He said he was ‘dress coded’ at school because the stars were gang related,” Carpenter said, local Fox 40 News reported Tuesday.

The honor student had never been in trouble before, and the very idea that the stars and stripes might be “gang related didn’t seem to make sense. But school officials thought that the red star that was also emblazoned on the shirt troublesome.

“Our local gang task force, they identify colors, they identify designs, they identify all of the things that we should be aware of,” Assistant Superintendent at Marysville Joint Unified School District, Ramiro Carreon told the station.

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In Cole’s case, the red star is associated with the Norteno gang.

“That design has been associated with gangs in the past, and we cannot just turn a blind eye to that,” Carreon said.

As far as the school’s concerned, the matter is over since Cole complied with the principal’s request to turn his shirt around. His parents aren’t so sure, however.

“I mean, they are trying to keep everybody safe. I understand, but it feels like it is a little too far. Especially when it is a patriotic shirt,” Carpenter said.

Watch the news clip, via Fox 40/

After the incident was reported on Fox News, people on social media thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and that the school had gone too far.

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13 thoughts on “Watch out . . . school says this American flag t-shirt may be ‘gang-related’

  1. Rip Rogers says:

    Let’s see; California; massive illegal alien sanctuary; and that name, Ramiro Carreon, this is a racists attack on America plane and simple.
    It is what terror looks like in the USA.

    1. Carol Amin says:


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  2. Pam says:

    Apparently Sr. Carreon has never seen either the U.S. flag nor the California flag, as the shirt in question is a combination of the two. OR, maybe he is a sureno.

  3. PI by Nature says:

    The controversy was over the red star, which the school says is associated with the Norteños. However, the #31 is typically used by the Norteños’ main rival, the Sureños. (The Norteños usually use the number 13 or 14.) WND has a better article explaining the whole thing. The red star put the school in a nearly impossible situation…one that can only be rectified by going to school uniforms.

    1. Mary Brown says:

      You would claim a liberal didn’t fart when they are the only one in a room full of stench!

      The red star WITH the number 31 is NOT gang symbol when it is a part of the FLAG OF CA!

      1. PI by Nature says:

        Or that it is a known Sureño symbol. Schools cannot be too careful.

        1. Mary Brown says:

          NO IT ISN’T. It symbolizes CA being the 31st state! Nothing more!

          1. PI by Nature says:

            The gang has co-opted the symbol as its own and there is a gang problem there.

          2. Restless0217 says:

            Kinda like what happened to the Confederate Flag …..

  4. tsigili says:

    Public schools are totally under the control of raving lunatic liberals…………and they are brain washing all of the kids in America.

  5. Mary Brown says:

    Stupidity of libtards on display! That shirt was patriotic AND a history lesson that kids could have learned from!

    1. PI by Nature says:

      Where was the patriotism? A doctored flag is not patriotism.

  6. Marilyn Z says:

    Ridiculous. Ignore the gangs and they might slither away.

    If I were a parent in that school district, I think I would force the school board to go thru my child’s closet with me and tell me what meets with their approval.

    What utter nonsense.

    Calif is like Obama…every day brings a new and more nonsensical surprise.

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