Pollster Frank Luntz: THIS debate line scored highest in 20-year history of focus group

frank-luntzAfter running focus groups for nearly 20 years, pollster Frank Luntz said “I’ve never tested in any primary debate a line that scored as well as this.”

He said that it demonstrated what was wrong with both the CNBC moderators as well as the media.

Luntz talked to a focus group of Republican voters to gauge their reactions during the third GOP debate and revealed his findings to Fox News host Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File.

The “special moment” Luntz spoke of came during Sen. Ted Cruz’s reply to a question.

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“The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” the Texas Republican said to applause. “How about talking about the substantive issues?”

The graph indicated that both conservative and moderate Republicans gave Cruz’s remarks as high as a 98, on a scale from zero to 100.

Luntz turned to the focus group and asked if CNBC should be ashamed of their performance as debate moderators and whether they were angry about it.

Watch the video via Fox News.


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