‘COWARDS!’ Walmart gets blasted for caving, pulling this children’s Halloween costume

The PC police have won another round.

Social-justice warriors have managed to bully Walmart into dropping a children’s Halloween costume of an Israeli soldier, because it is allegedly “offensive” to Palestinians.

Walmart announced that they would stop selling the innocuous costume after a flurry of anti-Israel reviews and comments from social media, reported Twitchy.

But, aside from outraged leftists, most social media users seemed to be a little perplexed over how a simple Israeli soldier can be considered “offensive” enough to merit censorship.

While Walmart was apparently spineless enough to cave to anti-Israel pressure on social media, other sites – such as Amazon – are still happy to sell the costume to the unoffended public for the time being.

Good job Amazon. Offending anti-Semites should be considered a badge of honor, not a reason to cave to PC madness.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


16 thoughts on “‘COWARDS!’ Walmart gets blasted for caving, pulling this children’s Halloween costume

  1. Rip Rogers says:

    When is the celebration of Satan’s day going to be stopped?

    1. Carol Amin says:


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      1. Wayne Cook says:

        Carol, get off this forum.

  2. Wayne Cook says:

    Halloween is OUR holiday! Screw the Muslim whiners!

    1. TAK1 says:

      Sorry, American liberals hate America, don’t you know? That means promote everyone else except American citizens. Why else push for illegal amnesty when we have such high unemployment?

    2. Rip Rogers says:

      It is not OUR holiday, it is satans.

      1. Wayne Cook says:

        Rip..please try to use good syntax…your response comes across silly and ignorant. The history of Halloween goes back to Mexico and the Catholic Church, in which the respect for the dead is celebrated in stark contrast to our liquid love concept of watered down costumes and trick or treat. I do wish my fellow Americans had more education. So glad I lived overseas for a while and got some balance. I don’t celebrate it so it has no bearing on my family, but to castigate those who do, is snobbish and very like the whiny muslims. Get over it. Your church background needs to fill in some historical gaps.

        1. Rip Rogers says:

          It is just as you say. It is pagan, and Constantine absorbed it when creating Catholicism. All of the Roman Empire was pure 100% pagan with all the statues of the god and goddesses. He renamed them when he created Catholicism to keep himself and his wife from being murdered by the pagans. His wife had just been converted by Christians of the group that followed Jesus. They were known as people of “The Way” among them selves and it is in the original text in places the word Christian is often used in error.
          The Jesuit trained the Mexican.
          The American Protestant Christian celebrates Autumn and the Harvest of its labor. We do not celebrate ghouls. No we cannot talk with dead. The dead are in a holding place waiting for the Judgement who cannot be bought off BTW!
          Thank you for knowing where the evil came from.
          I am the same kind of person that founded America, (in fact, my people were those people) Protestant Christians and I am proud of that.
          I am the history of the USA. I should not be subjected to pagan holidays in Ameirca of all places in the world.

  3. tsigili says:

    Parents shouldn’t be buying such costumes. Kids don’t need to be idolizing soldiers. We should be supporting our military………but we should not be encouraging kids to emulate the military. Soldiers are necessary, and beneficial to our country, but kids don’t need to be following that example, as the life of a soldier, is one of “what’s necessary” and NOT what’s desirable.

    1. Mary Brown says:

      Why not idolize soldiers who PROTECT their country! If you are so afraid of offending anyone just kill yourself because you are offending ALL freedom loving Americans!

      1. ChrisWhite says:

        Why do you keep telling people to kill themselves? What is wrong with you?

        1. Mary Brown says:

          Because you are a waste of air!

          1. ChrisWhite says:

            Wow, you are so full of hate. You should find some help.

      2. ChrisWhite says:

        I was a Soldier for more than 10 years. I never wanted anyone to idolize me. And I would have never told anyone to kill themselves because they disagreed with me.

    2. ChrisWhite says:

      I think the values of military service and sacrifice are fine ones to emulate. I have served with many wonderful individuals who are proud to serve their country and would not trade their life as a Soldier for anything.

  4. Mary Brown says:

    Hey LIBTARDS life is offensive and you will eventually die! Better kill yourself now so you don’t have to face death later!

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