Conservatives, Malkin skewer Priebus for pathetic pandering after throwing candidates to wolves

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was quick to jump on the GOP anti-media steamroll immediately following CNBC’s biased-filled debate.

In a few tweets Priebus shocked political pundits and unleashed how he supposedly felt.

Priebus told reporters that he thought “maybe” CNBC would have brought “forward a pretty fair forum” for the candidates and called the line of questioning “extremely disappointing.”

To be clear, the Republican panel put on a refreshing show of strength, confidence and solidity as they fought back against loaded and un-vetted questions.

It’s hard to know if the candidates and the audience hadn’t fought back with such force if Priebus would have been singing the same tune. After all, he has a lot to do with putting the debates together.

POLL: Which of the GOP candidates won CNBC’s Republican Primary Debate?

According to Drudge, the candidates were “thrown to the wolves.” Drudge linked to a Time article from last summer that stated:

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced a 13-member committee of Republican officials who will set rules for the GOP’s debates during the 2016 cycle, including selecting venues, debate partners, and even moderators. The committee will be led by Priebus ally Steve Duprey of New Hampshire, who was close to both Mitt Romney and John McCain. The committee is dominated by Priebus loyalists.

“Our debates will be good for our candidates and for voters—not a field day for the media,” Priebus told members of the RNC on Friday in Chicago, shortly before the party approved its final rules for the 2016 presidential nomination fight.

It would serve Republicans well if the RNC chairman the could find his passionate support of the candidates before, during, and not just after the debates.

Plenty on social media agree, including conservative columnist Michelle Malkin:



Voters are waiting.

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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Nicole Haas


7 thoughts on “Conservatives, Malkin skewer Priebus for pathetic pandering after throwing candidates to wolves

  1. Pam says:

    Reince Priebus is the biggest tool in the “DNC” arsenal! Schultz must be so jealous.

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  2. Rip Rogers says:

    What country is Reince Priebus from?
    Malkin is just great…

  3. iitywybad says:

    I am a fan of Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, and Matt Drudge. However, they are WRONG on this issue and so is everyone calling for Reince Priebus’ head on a platter. All Priebus and the committee can do is agree to a debate on a channel – they CAN NOT dictate to the network who the moderators or the questions asked can or can not be. If I were arranging the debates, I would also have thought that CNBC, a business channel, would have a fair debate with fair moderators such as Santelli, Kramer, and Kudlow. Priebus had no way of knowing who the moderators would be.
    I actually think this debate was good for the GOP because all the candidates (except Kasich) stood up to the moderators and put them in their place. In the past, only Donald Trump has stood up and condemned the people running the show, but in this debate they all came together. I would argue that the best way forward is exactly what happened in this debate. When the moderators go off the skids, the candidates should call them out, just as Newt Gingrich did in the 2012 election, Donald Trump in this campaign season, and all the candidates in this go around. They should continue to do this in every debate and if the moderators begin their tactic of trying to make the candidates attack each other, they should all refuse to answer the leading questions or walk off the stage in unison.
    For all you nay sayers, before Reince Priebus became Chairman of the RNC, he has Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party. He gave Wisconsin a Republican Governor, a Republican Senate, and a Republican House of Representatives. Since he became Chairman of the RNC, he has given the United States a Republican majority in the Senate and the largest majority in the House of Representatives since the 1920’s. The RNC does not get involved in primaries – it is their job to elect the Republican candidates once they win the primaries. Stop throwing brick bats – Reince Priebus has done a very good job.

    1. Edith says:

      Just how many votes do you think Reince Priebus gets? The American voters are the only ones that can and do elect. Republican voters are the ones that voted a majority to DC not Priebus. Priebus is an elitist and as such he is the next that should retire. Your statement “The RNC does not get involved in primaries” may have been true in the past but apparently you have not been paying attention as it is the RNC who set up debates and it was Priebus who is apologizing to the voters for the farce they have become. You had a good post going and should have stop just before you began kissing Priebus’ a$$.

  4. tsigili says:

    Preibus is basically an idiot. Anyone who thinks Dem owned media will be fair to conservatives, is simply an idiot.

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