Best debate moment! Ted Cruz smacks down entire panel of smug, incompetent, liberal moderators

Sen. Ted Cruz was the first candidate in Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate to really unload on the CNBC moderators and say what everyone else was thinking.

Cruz exploded into a measured rant, burning the panel of smug, liberal-leaning questioners, and rightfully so.

“The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” the Texas firebrand said. “This is not a cage match.”

The audience roared with applause after Cruz rattled off a summary of the ridiculous and insulting questions they had been asked since taking the stage.

“How about talking about the substantive issues?” Cruz asked.

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He ignored CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla’s reminders to answer the question, and instead slammed the media for fawning over the “Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks” of the Democratic debate, earning more cheers.

“The questions being asked shouldn’t be trying to get people to tear into each other,” Cruz said.

From there, Cruz tried to answer the question, but a humiliated Quintanilla declared that his time had expired, and moved on.

Watch the video, via CNBC

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39 thoughts on “Best debate moment! Ted Cruz smacks down entire panel of smug, incompetent, liberal moderators

  1. Andylit says:

    It is my hope and desire that some patriots with means and influence create a Super-Pac devoted to exposing the media as the sycophantic lap dogs they truly are. It would be truly wonderful to see networks carrying commercials that show blistering examples of media bias in favor of the Dems.

    Never mind the candidates. Just run clip after clip of the contrasting treatment and gross bias. Demonstrate to the voters that they are being deceived and manipulated.

  2. Mary Brown says:

    This is all about triggering infighting between the candidates and to make them look bad. And then the dem debates do nothing of the sort making them look like saints. And some people are stupid enough to not see this happening!

    1. LittleRoot_48 says:

      They mocked the Republicans for not being able to answer “tough” questions. LMAO!!!! When have they EVER asked Broomhilda a “tough” question? Their hypocrisy knows NO bounds.

  3. carolskey says:

    BO’s continual lies are like CNBC’s congratulatory kuddos following their moderators’ performance…

    ONLY PRESENTING THE APPREARANCE OF PROPRIETY! Republicans see through this but democrats continue to be flummoxed by the bluster!

    Lord please open the eyes of all Americans to Your Light and Truth and help us get back on track!

  4. LittleRoot_48 says:

    I literally jumped up off of the couch and cheered!

  5. I watched the first INSULT Fest Led by the Liberal Megan “The Mouth” Kelly and Chris Wallace…and including the Establishment;;;.I want Jebby Bush….Brett Baer….Watched only the last part of the CNN Garbage Fest…..and NONE of this Last CNBC Garbage Fest…..I will not watch any of the future ones….Because they NOT DEBATES…. but Lame Stream Mafia Media….SICK COMEDY SHOWS…Debates are for the Candidates to tell us what they want to do for the country if they are electied.. but these ARROGANT MORONS from the MAFIA MEDIA make it about them and their STUDID IDIOTIC JOKE QUESTIONS….

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