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‘You’re done!’ Republican Latino leaders vow to boycott Trump – should he worry?

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Donald Trump will be in the crosshairs once again in Wednesday’s GOP debate, and now he’s facing serious pushback from Hispanic Republicans.

“Our message to Trump is, ‘You’re done.’,” said Alfonso Aguilar, director of American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership, The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

Aguilar, a former official in President George W. Bush’s administration added, “‘We think if you are the candidate that Republicans will lose the White House.’”

About two dozen Hispanic leaders vowed to boycott Trump if he is the Republican nominee.

“Foolishly, some candidates think they don’t need the Hispanic vote in the primary, so they pander to the voters with extreme views instead of just showing us who they are,” said Rosario Marin, former treasurer of the United States under President George W. Bush, who attended the meeting. “Heed our warning: ‘Don’t expect us to come to your side during the general election. If you are not with us now, we will not be with you then.’”


Trump’s campaign did not comment on the meeting, but the billionaire doesn’t seem too concerned.

In June, conservative Trump supporter, and sometimes tour companion, Ann Coulter argued that the Hispanic vote is irrelevant to winning the general election. “If Romney had gotten 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still loses,” she said. “If he got 4 points more of the white vote, he would have won.”

Plus, not every Hispanic has joined the anti-Trump chorus.  Earlier this month, Puerto Rican Ruben Obed Martinez wrote a salsa anthem proclaiming “Trump, Trump, Trump, this Latino’s gonna vote for Trump.”

And although Dr. Ben Carson is leading in Iowa, Trump is still the national frontrunner in polls, feuds with Univision notwithstanding.  “They love me,” Trump said about Hispanics.

In Colorado, it’s sure to be a hot, divisive topic.

Steve Berman


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