Teacher told us to admit God isn’t real or we ‘would get in trouble’: Texas seventh-grader testifies to board

Katy Middle SchoolerA seventh-grade student in Texas is standing up for her religious beliefs after her teacher allegedly forced the class to deny the existence of God in a recent assignment, or face a failing grade.

Jordan Wooley, a student at West Memorial Junior High School, took her concerns directly to the school board during their meeting on Monday night after she said her teacher forced students to deny their belief in god as part of a reading assignment earlier in the day.

“Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real. Our teacher had started off saying that the assignment had been giving problems all day,” Wooley said. “We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth and she told anyone who said fact or opinion was wrong and God was only a myth.”

During her testimony to the school board Wooley claimed that some students immediately began to object to the assignment, but were told if they didn’t agree that God was a myth, they would be “in trouble.”

“When kids would argue, she told them they would get in trouble,” she said. “When I tried to argue, she told me to ‘prove it.’”

Wooley wasn’t the only student who was apparently upset by the teacher’s indoctrination. She claims other students also tried to defend their right to religious freedom.

“Another child had asked the teacher if we could put what we believe on the paper, and she said we could if we wanted to get the answer wrong,” Wooley said.

“I know schools aren’t supposed to teach us about religion, or question religion, but the teacher said that it had nothing to do with religion,” she explained.

As it turns out, seventh-graders at West Memorial Junior High School in Texas seem to have a better grasp on the First Amendment than the atheist who was trying to “teach” them.

The school district released a statement about the incident on Tuesday describing the embattled teacher as “distraught” over the controversy.

“The activity, which was intended to encourage critical thinking skills and dialogue by engaging students in an exercise wherein they identified statements as fact, opinion, or common assertion, was not intended to question or challenge any student’s religious beliefs,” read the statement, according to ABC13.

The statement also explained the lesson would no longer be used moving forward.


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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


19 thoughts on “Teacher told us to admit God isn’t real or we ‘would get in trouble’: Texas seventh-grader testifies to board

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Nor should the “Teacher” be used in the future for any classroom.

  2. tsigili says:

    The teacher must be fired for that. No ifs, ands, or buts.

  3. gamalh says:

    Teacher needs to be fired effective NOW. I hope that mother and Dad of that child took her to the board and taught her the concept of freedom of speech and expression and religion.

    1. ChrisWhite says:

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you get to give incorrect answers based on your beliefs. Religious beliefs are opinions.

      1. gamalh says:

        The teachers is an opinion also. The subject should not even come up in the classroom.

        1. Land of the free says:

          You are right. Personal religious beliefs should not be part of a public school curriculum and the teacher was told the assignment was inappropriate.

          1. happylada says:

            Funny the same men that wrote the Constitution also ordered Bibles for every home and classroom “for moral guidance”. YOU have to be really quite daffy to assume they didn’t want GOD in the government. HOW about actually thinking critically? Then you find GOD.

          2. gamalh says:

            I agree with you and I also think that the founders didn’t want God to be kept out of government. But with these inane, stupid, ignorant liberals that is just the way it is.

      2. Steve A. Jones Archive says:

        Religious beliefs are a Constitutionally-protected right, not merely an opinion.

      3. happylada says:

        Really? And THAT is anything BUT an opinion? Apart from the fact you display great illiteracy and a huge amount of arrogance – you are 100% wrong, based on FACTS.
        LEFTIST arrogant atheopaths!!

      4. Sue says:

        They are fact based just like Mohammed is to a Muslim!

  4. Doug says:

    I’ve had it up to here with Godless Texas.

    1. Frances Sinclair says:

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    2. Sue says:

      Texas isn’t Godless! You must remember where these classroom lessons come from! We nor my son ever had anything like this is school! It is social indoctrination coming from our Government

  5. ChrisWhite says:

    This article neglects to mention that the teacher, assignment and assertions of the students were all investigated. No one was asked or forced to deny their religious beliefs. They were asked to label statements as facts, opinions, or common assumptions. The student and her parents just can’t handle the fact that their religious beliefs are opinions and assumptions, not facts. The teacher is a Christian and should have kept religion out of this assignment completely.

    1. Jon Lebenns says:

      Thought I was the only one to see it that way….Thank you.

    2. Steve A. Jones Archive says:

      Religious beliefs are more than opinions and assumptions, and they are in fact a Constitutionally protected right.

    3. happylada says:

      And you know this how?

    4. Sue says:

      Hummm, you are entitled to your belief and I am not challenging that. But to me it is a fact as written by many first had accounts in the Bible! Parting the Red Sea, the acts of Moses against Pharoah, the mark of the lamb over Jewish households to safe the first born sons, mana to feed the Jews in the wilderness, the Ark I could go on and on, but the point is this lesson should never have been brought up in school ( separation of Church and State) and it obviously disturbed more than one student as referenced by the statement.

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