Heated debate over WHY flipped desk incident is a RACE issue with no racism?

The debate over the arrest of a student in a South Carolina classroom got heated on Tuesday’s “The Kelly File.”

Fox News host, Megyn Kelly set up the discussion over the cell phone video that showed a black, female student being slammed to the ground and dragged across the floor by a white police officer in the high school class.

Fox legal analyst, Arthur Aidala, said the video would appear to “any reasonable person” as showing “excessive force” and civil battery. “I don’t think there is an educator on the planet earth who would say that was the appropriate way to handle that situation.”

“This is a travesty,” Aidala said, noting that other students in the class were affected and could have been harmed.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Mark Eiglarsh, said that despite the student’s actions leading to the incident, the officer was not justified in his behavior.

Causing a disturbance in the classroom is a misdemeanor in South Carolina. But the student also ignored her teacher, the assistant principal and the police officer and refused to leave the class, before hitting the officer – thereby committing a felony.

“Throwing her across the room is reserved for WWE Wrestling,” Eiglarsh said, clarifying that the police officer went too far.

Aidala pointed out that, as a parent, it would be difficult to watch a child, even if “one hundred percent wrong,” be treated like this.

“It’s disturbing to watch,” he said.

Eiglarsh argued that Aidala, and many others, are incorrectly trying to turn the incident into a civil rights investigation due, simply, to the race of the officer and student.
“Is that all it takes now? With nothing additional, is that all it takes, Arthur?” asked Eiglarsh.

Pointing to the Obama administration’s civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri, Aidala said the same should happen in the current incident.

“If it’s good in Missouri, then it’s got to be good here.”

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5 thoughts on “Heated debate over WHY flipped desk incident is a RACE issue with no racism?

  1. tsigili says:

    This is just another set-up in the “black lives matter”, political movement. It has nothing to do with violence or race………it is entirely a political movement.

  2. Herald Baldcock III says:

    should’ve just tazed the heathen.

    1. Frances Sinclair says:

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    2. Mary Brown says:

      He was within rights to shoot her! Assault a cop and die!

  3. Mary Brown says:

    The minute you hit a police officer he is within his rights to SHOOT YOU! This officer tried to pick her up and she grabbed the desk so he flipped her over and got her under control! I am fed up with whiny blacks thinking everything is racist and that they don’t need to display common courtesy to others just because of the color of their skin!

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