Fired: Authorities to announce deputy will lose job for student arrest, NBC reports

Deputy FieldsSouth Carolina authorities have apparently made up their mind, and Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields is going to be out of a job.

Fields – who has been under pressure since a video was released of him tackling a high school student from her desk after she refused his orders – will officially be relieved of duty because of his actions, according to NBC News.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott scheduled a press conference for noon Wednesday, in which he was expected to discuss the latest findings from the internal investigation over the Monday incident at Spring Valley High School.

Fields had already been suspended without pay as an investigation was launched by the department, state authorities, the FBI and the Justice Department.

Parents were given the opportunity to speak out about the incident at Tuesday night’s school board meeting, but pressure has been growing for the department to fire Fields.

Lott told the media on Tuesday that the female student only suffered a rug burn in the incident, but her attorney told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she is currently suffering from neck and back injuries.

NBC reports :

South Carolina authorities will announce Wednesday that Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields, the school resource officer who was caught on camera violently flipping a high school student in her classroom, will be relieved of duty, sources told NBC News.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is set to hold a news conference at noon to talk about the internal investigation over the Monday incident at Spring Valley High School in Columbia.


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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


50 thoughts on “Fired: Authorities to announce deputy will lose job for student arrest, NBC reports

  1. tsigili says:

    That’s unacceptable. The cop was doing his job. This catering to the demands of blacks is going to make them impossible to control, live with, and tolerate. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

  2. Gerhard Hulpertshausen says:

    hope she is proud of her self and now she knows- she ain’t got to comply and show respect to nobody- she’s the hero! yeah- make the criminals to heroes, make them to victims and blame the society- let them out of jails, because the society is the reason, why they are criminal- it’s the women and childrens fault, that they’ve been raped, it’s the peoples fault, that they’ve been robbed and it’s the society’s fault, that they have to deal with drugs, gang up and kill each others- put the society in jail and give them what they deserve- punish society for what they’ve done. that’s the right way to do it.
    I could puke.

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  3. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

    Fire the BUM! Police have no business in Schools! Get Juvenile Officers! This was Brutality at its finest! When all of you racists get through with your rants that is a child! A minor and if you did that to your child you would be arrested and charged with Child Abuse! Nice try to show the bias that you all have towards people period! Cops are not GODS and there reign of terror on the citizens of this country is coming to an end slowly but surely!

    1. Gray Gma says:


    2. jazzy says:

      A minor….have you been around high school kids lately?? It was not child abuse….it was police doing their job. The little baby refused orders, kicked the policeman—and god only knows what words were shouted. The is NOT a racist issue, and I am sooo sick of people pulling that card out because they have no better reply.

      1. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

        And when you get through i am right you are wrong or the ignorant cop wouldn’t have been fired

        1. jazzy says:

          Well, well…seems you are wrong again. The entire film has now been shown (forgetting the media first put out) The little twit was PUNCHING the policeman,resisting arrest….which she wouldn’t have to be handled like a wild animal…if she just followed her teachers first request.

          1. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Punched policeman after he grabbed her around her neck! Make all the excuses you want but when you get through He was wrong …He is adult enough to admit he was wrong and he lost his job because his superiors thought it was wrong and state and federal authorities investigating because he was wrong! Therefore you are fighting a losing battle! You sir are a racist and as such should just take yourself out and make this world a better place! The sooner all the racists are gone the better this world will be!

          2. jazzy says:

            You seem to throw the word “racism” quit loosely. He is back at work, did you ever read the whole story? And now you are calling for suicide, so immature thanks for the laugh. Hard to be racist when I have 3 nieces that are black…jackass.

          3. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Wrong he is Fired and not returning to School District! That’s Like saying i have 3 black friends I cannot be Racist!! That is ignorant! Half of my family is white but they do not talk to me because they are racist! You cannot be that ignorant!

          4. jazzy says:

            I said ” 3 nieces” “Family, you know like the ones that won’t talk to you” .not friends. You are a real sad puppy. Not returning to that particular school district does not equal fired.

            And I can clearly see why half of your family would not want to hear you ranting on and on. You are holding so much hate and bitterness it must be a sad life. And don’t bother to tell me that you have a great life or whatever…….

          5. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Bitterness due to my own flesh and blood turning there backs on me because i am Bi Racial and Brown Skin! You are the sad excuse for a human being that does not understand why that would make person feel that way ! But you go ahead and live your Nice PRIVELEGED life and i will keep on living my joyful life!

          6. jazzy says:

            I will. Thanks

          7. jazzy says:

            I will.

          8. jazzy says:

            Idiot…there’s no more “discussing” things with you. All you see is race. The incident was not a race issue, expect in your little head

          9. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Cop Fired! Has History and Lawsuits pending for Racism! But stick your head in the sand and don’t listen to facts! Have a nice day and life!

    3. Herald Baldcock III says:

      1. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

        Yep that”s nice but he is still fired because there are some decent people that respect the actual laws over LEOs

        1. Herald Baldcock III says:

          You’re a typical ignorant clown. You do not have all the facts or details and you come to message boards and post nonsense. My child would never give a leo reason to act in such a manner. The heathen niglets actions are indicative of her upbringing and lack of respect for anyone including herself.

          I would lay large odds that the percentage of cops that react to a person negatively due to their melanin content is a wee pinch compared to the percentage of black youth’s that would disrespect and defy leo’s regardless of their skin tint.

          Furthermore, regarding your juvenile comment below “i am right you are wrong or the ignorant cop wouldn’t have been fired” is about as stupid and childish a comment that you could put up not to mention there is not a shred of evidence to support such a notion.

          Your turn. If nothing else, comments from you idiots are entertaining in a way that is akin to a child being spun around until dizzy and then swinging at a pinada.

          1. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            You are the one that is ignorant this girl is a foster child because of her mother and grandmothers health! you can stick up for that piece of *&^% LEO if you want too but you sir are in the minority on this one which is why the dummy got fired and apologized and took responsibility for his actions!

            You sir are a racist through and through because you supported Dylan Roof and you supported the lil white boy that got shot by police! I can go back and pull your old comments if you didn’t delete them! We want America to be a great place and becocn of Equality. But ignorant people like you want to live in AmerKKKa and all of you racists should just make the world a better place and KILL YOURSELF!

          2. Herald Baldcock III says:

            First, I’m not sticking up for anyone. I simply pointed out the ignorance that you’re displaying once again because you have NO idea who is the majority or the minority on this you’re just spouting gibberish. In fact the majority of the school of all colors is supporting the officer.

            Second, you can pull up whatever floats your asshat because no matter what I think of anyone I would not support the killing of anyone. Clearly your IQ prevents you from comprehension. I have no idea what you’re referencing regarding the “little white boy”.

            Last, I support NO organizations that discriminate for or against someone because of their skin color. However if any group,class or ethnicity is this country doesn’t want to be here and act like they are in a first world nation I would gladly pay for a boat ride back to where ever they would be more comfortable including you.

          3. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            And when you get through OFFICER FIRED! Feds and State investigating! This all EQUALS OFFICER WAS WRONG! Those are the Facts and though they may not matter to you; They do to me and that says Officer wrong!

          4. Herald Baldcock III says:

            They’re investigating what? Just like the other federal investigations, brown,martin etc by the race baiting justus department? Good luck with that one. Smoke and mirrors for dullards such as you. In the end you’ll hear crickets and another cracka loses his job for DOING his job.

            Heck, they are saying that he was boning a negro, how racist could he possibly be? Or is that what REALLY matters to you?

          5. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Kill Yourself Racist and make this world a better place! Slave owner beat there slaves and boned Negroes! KKK Raped Negro Women! What difference does that make! Just off yourself for the betterment of mankind

          6. Herald Baldcock III says:

            While I’m certain there were some beatings, contrary to hollywoods version of u.s. slave owners, most slaves were actually treated very well. Why would someone destroy something they paid good money for? If you were aware of real history instead of propaganda you would know that white slave owners treatment of slaves was like staying at the hilton as opposed to the first legal slave owners in this nation. (blacks owning blacks and the african slave traders)

            I would be interested to know a case of kkk raping a negro. Why would a respectable democrap kkk’r have any interest in raping a negro? But then again democraps have not made much sense for a very long time I’m certain we could agree.

          7. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            In your Dreams! My great Great Great Grandmother lived through it and was owned by the Dillard Family that started Dillards Dept store and you can believe that whitewashed BS that slaves were treated well all you want but it is a crock of Crap! But nice try!

          8. jazzy says:

            What does being a foster child have to do with this?? You sound like a Racist…not Herald.

          9. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Just stating Facts and Facts are Blacks are disciplined more by 60% – 30 % in schools! although they only make up less than 17% of population! Nice try do some research on the School to Prison Pipeline! More kids arrested and jailed in school than criminals on the street for things that we got suspended or detention for!

          10. Herald Baldcock III says:

            And some idiots wonder why. End of story. dupe.

          11. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Because of Racist Ignorant need to be suicidal idiots like you!

          12. Herald Baldcock III says:


          13. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            FACT- OFFICER FIRED FOR WRONGDOING! End of story!

          14. Herald Baldcock III says:

            lmao. The fact actually is that the leo was fired FOR doing his job. He should’ve tazed the heathen. AND, michael j dullard sr. is still a typical ignorant clown happily ever after… Now it’s the end.

          15. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            Fired For Police Brutality on a Minor! but Nice try maybe a cop should do that to your daughter… Would he still be doing his job then idiot!

          16. Herald Baldcock III says:

            F O C U S,, F O C U S,, FOCUS,,, I’ll refer you back to the beginning of my enlightening of your ignorance and say AGAIN since we already established that you have a bit of a comprehension problem, “my daughter would NEVER give a leo the reason to act in such a manner.” She respects herself and those around her.

          17. Michael J Dillard Sr says:

            You sir are naive as hell to think that! Have a good day I have no time for your ignorance

  4. William Mazeo says:

    And now people are just sitting and watching, they are too afraid of doing anything and be seen as the evil ones (happened here in Brazil)

    1. SusieQ says:

      I watched that and it was unbelievable. Perhaps an empty padded room is what is needed in some cases. I do know of one state that have those rooms in the public schools for children that behave as such and to keep them from harming themselves. How do you get them in the room without being accused of abuse though ?

      I am sitting here in amazement after viewing the Facebook episode. Glad I’m not an educator today. When I was in school we had teachers that disciplined in the classrooms for minor infractions which were few and there was a paddle in the school office just in case someone was very unruly. No one misbehaved that I witnessed but you knew it was there. What is going on?

      1. Doug says:

        I faced brazen defiance many times in the juvenile jail and I was happy to have the assistance of resource officers.

        1. SusieQ says:

          Wow Doug, I just can’t imagine being faced with that type of belligerence, don’t know how you kept your cool. Did you watch the video?

          My teacher friends told me they will not teach kids over eleven and prefer the fourth grade level. That was some time ago but it looks as if that may not help in some cases anymore.

          1. Doug says:

            I never taught “Regular” kids. I taught inner city in Newark for 13 years, 7 year hiatus in the business world and then twenty-two years in Juvenile jails, probation situations etc. There are days when they wake up ornery and not much can be accomplished.

          2. SusieQ says:

            Now I see where you are coming from. Looks like that mindset has invaded the public school system. I know for a fact that behavior does not prevail in Parochial schools.

            Just curious, why did you decide to take on the task of teaching kids with problems? Had to be trying. I hope you felt you made a difference and had to be great when you did see a spark. I remember the story of Ben Carson. Very inspiring as he was one of those kids with challenges.

          3. Doug says:

            First job was in Newark. I liked working with kids so I stayed for 13 years. I always said it was harder to be a student there than a teacher. When I moved to Florida, I landed a job in juvenile detention because they liked my Newark background. It was relatively safe because kids wore jail clothes and no chance for weapons. Just stand strong, tell a kid exactly what you expect of him and you usually get respect.

          4. SusieQ says:

            A fella I met not long ago told me of his stint as a school teacher in the Detroit area schools. He retired from the military and took this job after his retirement . He told me the same thing and said he had no problems. He had a female student (high school age) who had to go to work to help support he family. She missed a lot of school and he worked with her because of this, She did not let him down and made straight A’s. I was impressed with whatever he was doing right and admired him for his dedication, empathy and tenacity.

        2. tedlv says:

          What were you in for?

          1. Doug says:

            Unbridled sarcasm.

  5. John Noblin says:

    Now the ms media/social media has the power to fire public servants with edited/partial event cellphone video…. sweet. #whathavewebecome?

  6. George Allen says:

    And this is EXACTLY why these so called KIDS do these things. SHE KNEW FULL WELL what would happen (warned 9 times) BUT KNEW THAT BY BEING NON-COMPLIANT FORCE WOULD BE USED. Notice HOW QUICKLY she LAWYERED UP so she AND her parents could SUE THE SCHOOL, CITY, COUNTY. NOW with the Officer being fired it’s a SURE WIN.


    Sheriff your Political Correctness in terminating Ben Fields is going to come back and bite you. You just gave the teen girl some awesome street creds and on that she has those creds I am sure you are going to hear a lot more from her.And since you have already taken physical hands on to deal with her off the table please tell me how your going to deal with her?

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