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Elderly woman hears loud ‘kaboom’ that rattles house; no worries, just a Ford Mustang landing on ROOF

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Even for Michigan, it was an odd place to find a muscle car.

When an elderly Michigan woman heard a loud crash rattle her home while she was watching television, initially she thought maybe it was extreme weather, but the truth ended up being far more bizarre.

A red Ford Mustang had crash landed on the roof of Joyce Kingsley’s home about 20 miles northeast of Lansing on Monday afternoon, according to The Argus-Press of Owosso.

“I was just watching TV inside. I had it up pretty loud — but this was much louder,” Kingsley said.

When she went outside to investigate, she saw the Mustang perched precariously on the peak of her roof.

ODD Car On Roof
Photo from Michigan State Police

Kingsley’s Woodhull Township home sits next to a hill, and the roof is nearly level with the ground, giving the vehicle a relatively easy path onto the roof of her quiet suburban home.

State police said the driver had suffered a medical condition and had lost control of the vehicle prior to the crash landing. The Mustang swerved off the highway, through a fence and several bushes before finally coming to a rest on the peak of Kingsley’s roof.

ODD Car On Roof
Photo from Michigan State Police

The driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but suffered no major injuries.

“The driver is extremely lucky,” Trooper Ben Rowell said.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” Kingsley agreed. “I’m glad everyone is all right.”

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