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CNN’s Lemon is skewered for sticking up for school cop – people don’t want the facts

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Sunny HostinDon Lemon has come under fire for suggesting people should learn more about the incident involving a police officer dragging a South Carolina girl out of her desk in a short video clip.

He doubled down on his comments a day later.

When the incident was first reported on CNN Lemon said “I would like to see what happened before (the video clip) and I would like to see what happened afterwards.”

Those comments fired up CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin who angrily yelled “I don’t need to know more.”

Lemon stuck to his guns and said everyone, particularly a prosecutor like Hostin, “should want to know more.”

A day later after evidence had been uncovered that the 16-year old girl was belligerent and punched the officer Lemon felt vindicated.

“We are a news network which provides context and information and knowledge to our viewers,” he said. “Knowledge is power. The more information you have, the better it is.”

Watch both exchanges below.

Lemon was torn to shreds on social media.

Carmine Sabia


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