‘White people out!’ Racist graffiti plagues Chicago neighborhood — media silent

If it had been a coffee shop owned by a black businessman, operating in a white neighborhood, the recent vandalism probably would have been a national story.

Almost nine months after it was first hit with “anti-gentrification” graffiti, a small coffee shop in a Chicago neighborhood has again been targeted with racist messages, warning white customers and business owners to “get out” of the area, according to the Chicago Eater.

The first cases of vandalism took place in January and February, and seemed mostly aimed at the neighborhood’s sudden influx of new businesses and changing demographics.

Pilsen, Illinois, has been a traditionally Hispanic part of the city, but in recent years more white customers have been making their way to the community. The most recent graffiti is aimed at letting them know they’re not always welcomed.

White People out

Photo from the Chicago Eater

“I know Chicago is known to be segregated, but I don’t really live in that frame of mind,” said Phil Tadros, owner of the Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, who was targeted by the recent racist vandalism.

He wasn’t sure if the messages were targeted at his customers or his staff, but he said the most recent vandalism was far more racist than the previous anti-business graffiti.

“I think it’s a sad mental place to stay,” Tadros told the Chicago Eater.

Pilsen not for sale

Photo from the Chicago Eater

Gentrification – the process by which poor urban neighborhoods are transformed by businesses and property owners moving into the area – has been a touchy topic among Pilsen’s population in recent years, as some people worry that the region’s Hispanic roots are being forgotten.

But, according to Tadros, his business receipts seem to show a different story.

“Maybe it’s my ignorance, but I guess I’m having a hard time believing that we’re a negative thing,” he said.

At least one racist graffiti artist, however, apparently disagrees.

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


23 thoughts on “‘White people out!’ Racist graffiti plagues Chicago neighborhood — media silent

  1. If urban blacks want the whites out, let them leave, but they should also not be allowed access to any of the white taxes as well. The welfare should only be based on what the black taxpayers pay. If you are going to be a bigot, you also have to not be allowed to be a hypocrite.

    1. Pam says:

      This instance it’s not the blacks, it’s the “hispanics”.

    2. C Yvette Hinojosa-Holloway says:

      Very, very true and I agree with you regarding the welfare and entitlement programs.

  2. Pam says:

    Pilsen (http://www.chicagoneighborhoods.cc/neighborhoods/pilsen.html)

    It was German and Irish railroad workers who first settled this southwest Chicago area during the mid-nineteenth century. But the neighborhood of Pilsen owes its name to the next generation of Eastern European immigrants, which brought a Czech restaurant owner to town. He dubbed his small eatery “At the City of Plzen” and though spelled a little different, people liked the sound of it and ended up calling the entire area Pilsen.

    Despite a solidly European past population (including a large Bohemian community), present-day Pilsen is a predominately Mexican-American neighborhood, the largest in Chicago, in fact.

    Found the above at the cited link. The mexicans started invading Pilsen around WWI. Today it is a sanctuary city WITHIN a sanctuary city.The “legal” residents don’t want the neighborhood improved because it will drive up their property taxes.

    1. Mlm46 says:

      How telling!

  3. tsigili says:

    They come in illegally, and then they want to claim ownership, and force out others. That’s the real world of Hispanics…………and not the “nice folks” the PC mentality want you to believe.

    1. C Yvette Hinojosa-Holloway says:

      C’mon!! What is a Mexican-American to you? Did you not read it correctly? SHE cited that the community is Mexican-AMERICAN!!!! SERIOUSLY, now. That means that they are born here of Mexican-American parents.

      1. Pam says:

        Please re-read my third paragraph

      2. ort says:

        “It’s no crime to be ignorant. It is to refuse to be otherwise.”

        This woman is a paid Ohomo troll. Ignore. She gets paid by the post.

  4. ort says:

    Send in I.C.E. to Pilsen, and there’d be a whole lot more real estate available. Deport all wetbacks/pinchi mojados.

    1. C Yvette Hinojosa-Holloway says:

      I agree, if you find any. However, the article reads that the population is Mexican AMERICAN so you’re SOL.

      1. Pam says:

        I copied the citation as far as I did in order to give the context. The cited article was written keeping PC rules in mind.


      2. ort says:

        lol. Shitcago is a sanctuary city. If you believe most of these people are legal, you’re an even bigger idiot.

  5. Allen says:

    This because beligerent blacks have never been tought respect which is hidden in unconditional love called God. God has given these people the spirit (meme) of slumber that their end will be, that they will be no more in the community of the kingdom of God.

    1. C Yvette Hinojosa-Holloway says:

      It’s “taught”. I’m sure it’s just an oversight on your part because you’re an educated God-fearing Christian.

      1. ort says:

        Like you would even know what that was. Hush up now.

  6. Mary Brown says:

    This is why all illegals AND muslims need to be kicked out of this country!

    1. C Yvette Hinojosa-Holloway says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

    2. Beeotchstewie says:

      Amen Mary! Up to and including the lying traitor Obama.

  7. tbird90sc says:

    When it comes to a question of who should go, 12% of the population which cannot adapt or get along with 88% of the population and is the cause of over 50% of the crime, are the ones that need to go, and a long time ago.

  8. Pam says:

    The funniest part about this article and the rest of the “la raza/reconquista” type crap is that they are racist among themselves. Mexican, central and south american “hispanics” discriminate according to the amount of “true european spanish blood” they have.
    Unless a “hispanic” person can only trace their ancestry to east asia (American Indian) and/or black africans, THEY ARE WHITE!
    As for their claim to being “Latin”, my husband traces his ancestry (on both sides) for at least ten generations to ITALY. HE IS ONE OF THE FEW TRUE LATINS THAT I KNOW.

  9. PI by Nature says:

    There have been instances in the past where ultimately the person reporting the vandalism was ultimately arrested for falsifying the claim (that is, it was done by the claimant in an example of fraud). I want to see who gets arrested first.

  10. gamalh says:

    If this is true……if something bad happens and the media is complicit in it. They all should be drummed out of existence and start over with new people that might not be so biased.

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