Watch reporter masterfully handle, clueless, racial-profiling Black Lives Matter activist

LotekA white Black Lives Matter activist, participating in an “Anti-Police Brutality Day” in St. Louis, confronted and, ironically, racially profiled a conservative journalist who was on hand to witness the event.

The reporter, Adam Sharp from The Gateway Pundit, wrote that he attended the event “in order to gather video and report on any newsworthy action that may have taken place.”

Within five minutes of Sharp’s arrival, however, he was confronted by the demonstrator, identifying himself as Mike Lotek, who immediately insinuated that Sharp was there for no good.

“You haven’t been burning the churches on the Northside have you?” Lotek asked. “Why are you here, You know the police are around a lot and it’s a national day against police brutality and you’re here looking suspicious.”

Sharp shot back that he had as much reason to suspect Lotek of arson and the demonstrator walked away.

Minutes later, however, the same activist walked back to Sharp demanding to know why he was taking pictures.

Lotek agreed that it was okay for Sharp to be there, provided he wasn’t an “informant.”

“You’re inferring a lot on me,” Sharp said.

“Those are the types of things that become inferred when a white man is standing back here like this,” Lotek said.

“Got it. So it’s a race thing?” Sharp asked.

“Yes,” Lotek replied.


Watch the entire heated interaction below.

Carmine Sabia


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