Watch black Baltimore activist DEFEND police; argues they’re being stereotyped like African-Americans

baldwin-houck-baharA black activist went against the grain by defending police and even suggesting that today’s political climate has placed law enforcement officers as members of a disadvantaged class — much like racial minorities.

Baltimore activist, Munir Bahar, appeared on CNN’s “Newsroom” Monday and told anchor Brooke Baldwin that people like Hollywood filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, serve little purpose other than fanning the flames between the police and the black community.

“Well, I think first what’s important is that we get folks out of the equation who really don’t have any merit or any expertise or qualifications to even be speaking,” he said, at about the 2:10 mark. “I mean a Hollywood director, for him to get up and say anything, I mean, come on, man, the truth is you’re not in these communities where we are.”

A celebrity like Tarantino, Bahar said, “means nothing to us who are on the ground floor with us being the community.”

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Law enforcement shouldn’t be judged by the acts of a tiny minority of bad apples, he said.

“What’s going on with the police department is very similar to the African-American male experience, in that if one of your counterparts does something wrong, the whole group is judged,” said Bahar, at about the 4:15 mark.

“If one young black man has his pants down and that is the glimpse that the media captures, then everybody gets shadowed. So I feel it’s the same injustice and ignorant, stereotypical behavior that’s happened with the police department.”

Watch the interview, via CNN.


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