Trump reveals two biggest campaign trail lessons; Andrea Tantaros claims it’s key to success

donald-trump-nhRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump had nothing but praise for the American voting public at a campaign stop Monday. He placed the politicians and the press, however, at the other end of the scale, calling most journalists “scum.”

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Trump remarked that although he’s leading in most polls, lately the press only concentrates on Iowa, where a recent poll shows him trailing competitor Ben Carson.

“They just keep hitting me with it,” he said. “They are the worst!”

Trump admitted, at about the 23:40 mark, that “30 percent are great,” but the rest of the press “are the worst people I’ve ever met.”

“They’re scum,” Trump said. “They’re horrible people. They are so illegitimate. They are just terrible people.”

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But that assessment didn’t apply to the public at large.

“So I really learned two things: How really brilliant — and I mean brilliant — the public is ,” he said at about 24:40. “And the other thing how bad the press is.”

Trump threw another group he doesn’t much appreciate into the mix.

“The other thing I’ve learned — but that I knew — is how stupid our politicians are,” he said.

Watch the clip.

Blasting the press and career politicians while praising the voting public may be one of the keys to Trump’s astounding ratings — at least that’s what Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Andrea Tantaros believes. And plenty agreed with her.


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