‘Shut up!’ Anti-cop activist EXPLODES when Mark Fuhrman charges ‘black people kill black people’

Megyn KellyA panel discussing director Quentin Tarantino’s presence at a Black Lives Matter protest in New York exploded into a heated fight over black people murdering other blacks.

Former Los Angeles detective Mark Fuhrman, and black activist Carl Dix joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Monday, where Dix accused police of “murdering” blacks.

Meanwhile, Fuhrman insisted there was no way to appease the Black Lives Matter protesters.

“When you have a group that misrepresents the facts theres nothing that can make them happy,” he said. “There’s no facts that will make them happy.”

“Police have been killing people, I saw Eric Garner murdered,” Dix said, when Fuhrman interrupted him.

“Black people kill people,” Fuhrman shouted. “Black people kill black people.”

Dix insisted Fuhrman was changing the subject, getting right back on his anti-police talking points.

“I’m not changing the subject,” Fuhrman said.

“We can’t talk together, and I don’t want to sing with you, so shut up and listen to me!” Dix said.

“Dont tell me to shut up,” Fuhrman shot back.

Watch the clip below.

Carmine Sabia


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