‘I’d rather die eating BACON’: Tidal wave of pushback to WHO’s bacon-causes-cancer scare


When the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that it was about to classify bacon as a dangerous food, it stepped into some serious pig-ordure with meat lovers.

WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer will soon conclude that processed meats should be placed in the highest of five possible rankings as “carcinogenic to humans,” along with other health hazards like cigarettes.

Because “it’s all about the #bacon.”

How do we even know they’re right? They condemned butter, cheese and eggs in the past too.

If it’s good enough for a 116-year-old woman, why not #bacon?

Some tweets raised the question: do we really have to listen to the U.N. anyway?

Of course, in Canada, they love their Canadian bacon (and a lot of Americans love it too). Comedian Will Ferrell joked that it’s just like regular bacon, but with a difference.

Some tweets waxed fatalistic about the whole bacon thing. We all die anyway–no matter what we eat.

Steve Berman


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