‘I saw red!’ Australians incensed after Muslim students ‘opt out,’ leave room during national anthem

Australian flagA primary school in Australia is under fire after allowing Muslim children to walk out of assembly as the national anthem was sung.

The Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School in Victoria, which promotes the motto “Many Cultures, One Community,” said a religious month of mourning was the politically correct reason Islamic students were allowed to leave the room while the rest of the student body stood for the anthem, according to News.com.au.

“Two children got up and said `welcome to our assembly.’ With that a teacher came forward and said that all those who feel it’s against their culture may leave the room,” said Lorraine McCurdy, who has two grandchildren at the school.

According to witnesses, about 30 or 40 children then got up and left.

“I saw red, I’m Australian and I felt ‘you don’t walk out on my national anthem,’” she said.

Principal Cheryl Irving argued that the decision to allow Muslim students the right to “opt-out” of the anthem was made out of respect for a Shiite month of mourning, which prohibits Muslims from taking part in “joyous events.”

“Muharram is a Shi’a cultural observation marking the death of Imam Hussein,” Ms Irving said.

But not everyone believes the accommodation was appropriate, saying respect for Australia’s national anthem shouldn’t be considered a violation of anyone’s religious beliefs.

“I find that absolutely devastating, we should all be singing the Australian national anthem and we should be doing that with pride,” Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, said. “That’s part of us.”

Even Kuranda Seyit, secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, seemed to think the school could have handled students’ religious needs with a little more sensitivity for Australia’s anthem.

“For young children I think things like these should be assessed on their merits and a balance found,” he said, adding that “maybe there could be a bit more flexibility,” on both sides.

The school district, however, fully supports the school’s decision to allow students to opt-out of the anthem.

“The Department supports our schools to be inclusive for all students, this includes understanding or respecting religious cultural observances,” it said in a statement.

Right. Apparently “inclusivity” is terribly important to the school and the district… just so long as Muslims have the freedom to “opt-out.”

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


11 thoughts on “‘I saw red!’ Australians incensed after Muslim students ‘opt out,’ leave room during national anthem

  1. tsigili says:

    You let them in…….you will regret doing so. They are unwilling to live with any other religion. Period.

    There will eventually be problems with having them in your country. Count on that.

  2. Nunnyah Biz says:

    And you idiot Aussies gave up your weapons! How is that gonna work out for you now that the muslims have invaded?!

    1. CantBPC Anymore says:

      They need long, sharp machetes!

    2. Glen Corona says:

      The Muslim in the WH attempting to do away with Second Amendment. How is that gonna work out??

      1. Nunnyah Biz says:

        Very bloody!

    3. Mike says:

      Before I would call any of our good Aussie friends ‘idiots’ I would remind you that we in the USA have repeatedly allowed a unalienable right, which our Bill of Rights clearly states, ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” to be greatly infringed so who are the idiots?

      We have even ignored the best explanation and reasoning for our 2nd Amendment by George Washington who felt; citizens were entitled to ANY weapon which the government was WILLING to use against them otherwise the 2nd Amendment was meaningless.

      And we still capitulated to an unconstitutional government and allowed them to infringe upon a right that was guaranteed to not be infringed.

      1. Nunnyah Biz says:

        I haven’t allowed ANY of my God given, Inalienable, Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights to be infringed, and I NEVER WILL!

        Speak for yourself!

  3. Rip Rogers says:

    Many cultures one nation my foot.
    Multicultural does not work. America is failing to be America because of it.

    1. Glen Corona says:

      America is failing to be America because of Bozo and the crazy Islamic Communist Demodumbs. Multi Culture works if the, Legal , new comers assimilate and be Americans.

      1. Rip Rogers says:

        More than him is the cause; anyone that hates our borders and our sovereignty and that is BOTH parties so far…

  4. CantBPC Anymore says:

    Forget not offending the muslims. They chose to move there. THEY are the ones who have to adapt!

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