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‘You pull a gun on a cop you die’: Brave counter-protester fights hate-filled anti-cop crowd

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ProtestA lone, brave man stood on the streets of New York City counter-protesting a barrage of Black Lives Matters troublemakers while taking video of the encounters he had with some of the rabble-rousers.

The unknown man shouted “You pull a gun on a cop you die,” at the demonstrators he called “domestic terrorists” as they passed by, some of whom engaged him in an attempt to “school” him, but without much luck.

“Where’s your sign for the cops that are getting killed?” he yelled at protesters who argued “thousands” of innocent blacks are being killed by police.

“Most of them were criminals,” he shouted back. “You don’t want to get locked up, don’t commit a crime. You don’t want to get shot don’t pull a gun on a cop.”

“You think you’re f*****g smarter than these people? You’re not,” one woman said to him. “Look how many of them there are.”

“Yeah and probably every one of them is an Obama voter too,” he shot back. “Dumb, stupid m*****f****rs.”

At the end of the video, the man told a female protester that white people were slaves before African slaves were brought to America.

The woman condescendingly responded by asking “Where can I research that, that white people were slaves? I’ve been in school for almost 20 years and I’ve never heard that. Where can I look that up?”

She quickly fell silent when the man responded by saying, “The Barbary slave trade, look that up.”

Watch the entire video below. The counter protest begins at the 1:34 mark.


Carmine Sabia


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