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They’re all shooters now! Driver kills 4, but newspaper headline calls it a mass shooting

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Yes, they’re all shooters now!

When a woman, arrested for second degree murder while allegedly driving while intoxicated, plowed her vehicle through a homecoming parade in Stillwater, Oklahoma Saturday, killing four and injuring 30, that was news.

But when the Traverse City [Michigan] Record-Eagle reported the incident in its Sunday edition, its headline gave it a whole new set of facts. Instead of a drunk driver, the publication turned the story into a shooting rampage.

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SOURCE: RightMI.com

Freudian slip? Wishful thinking?

Media outlets sometimes resort to hyperbolic headlines to sell a story, but this was outright fabrication.

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The Record-Eagle ran a correction Monday that was as bad as the mistake itself. They called it a misleading headline:

Because of a page designer’s error, a misleading headline appeared on page 3A in Sunday’s Record-Eagle accompanying a story about a drunken driver who struck and killed four people at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade on Saturday.


“A misleading headline”? How about a total lie?

H/T: RightMI.com


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