Jay Leno, Tim Allen SLAM Obama together on hot conservative sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’

allen-lenoActor/comedian Tim Allen let loose on President Barack Obama Friday night and he did it with flair.

Former “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno appeared as a guest on Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing” this week and the two showed they had more than cars in common.

In this clip, Leno plays “Joe the mechanic” — a perfect role for him given his vast car and motorcycle collection.

Allen, as Mike Baxter, is amazed that Joe’s garage has an oil change pit.

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“You can’t have a pit these days because of zoning laws,” he says. “Obama!”

Leno/Joe agreed and says not for long. “Ya know, that’s his master plan,” Leno said, of Obama. “Invade Texas, establish a new world order, and take everybody’s pit.”

Watch the clip, via “Last Man Standing.”

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23 thoughts on “Jay Leno, Tim Allen SLAM Obama together on hot conservative sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’

  1. tsigili says:

    This is good. Real, ordinary people, need to start hearing the truth about our dictator. Glad to see these guys exposing the truth.

    1. PC Bob says:

      It’s pretty bad, too, when even a lib like Leno can see it! And he DOES like a good joke.

  2. Raymond Alpaugh says:

    ALL know Obama is racist

    1. TBW says:

      Obamma is an “anti-Colonialist” and is happy to use Marxism, Fascism, Sharia or any other weapons to help destroy the Republic of America. As long as it tears apart fundamental ligaments of American society, Obamma is for it…

  3. Marilyn Z says:

    I have never seen this show so have no idea if it is conservative or not, but it sure looked like a slam against conservatives to me. They are making fun of conservatives. These men do not write this stuff, they merely repeat what the writers give them.

    Looks like a slam against conservatives to me.

    1. JJBuck says:

      Nope. I went to high school with Tim (real name is “Tim Dick”). And Leno is actually not a lib, he just kissed up to NBC and made himself look like one for ratings. They’re not making it up.

      1. Marilyn Z says:

        I hope you are right, but it sounded very sarcastic to me.

        I guess that way you get past the Hollywood censors.

        1. MobileMarine says:

          Actually the reason he gets past the censors is because of the very high ratings of the show. When I first started watching it, they always showed him in his office with a “assault rife” hanging on the wall.

      2. Rip Rogers says:

        They both danced with the Libs…it is good to see them on the right side of life. Maybe Tim needs an audience that has money to the advertisers products.
        We are not watching the movies and TV like we once did say 7 yrs ago.

    2. roadwarrior says:


    3. Nickel05 says:

      If you go back and watch the show there is a pattern of mocking Obama. Tim’s character on the show (and Tim for real) is a conservative.

      1. Marilyn Z says:

        Thank you…have never watched, but may if this is true. Always did like Tim Allen.

      2. Rip Rogers says:

        He was in the original support Obama spots on TV…as I recall

    4. MobileMarine says:

      Marilyn, do yourself a favor if you are indeed a conservative and start watching the show. You will quickly see that Tim is a true conservative.

      1. Marilyn Z says:

        I promise to give it a try. Hope he jabs Obama every chance he gets. I still think it sounds like sarcasm.

        1. Rip Rogers says:

          They are hollywierds and have never gone to far beyond the reservation. Compare to the actor James Woods, no where near his character.

  4. What_no_change??? says:

    Don’t really see the slam here.

  5. higgy01 says:

    I never miss an episode. “Last Man Standing” is one of the best shows on the tube, unless you’re a flaming libtard, then you might find it offensive.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      I have a collection of OLD movies that I watch over and over…

  6. Fraginals5 says:

    Wonderful. It is time to be more vocal about the reality of the impostor Muslim in Chief, America Hater, Traitor in Chief. Yes the truth should be told.

  7. John Campbell says:


  8. Jay Leno? That’s the guy that first agreed to perform at the SHOOT Convention in Vegas but then quit after getting push back from the liberals. I wonder how they’ll react to this?

  9. Herbert Dunwash says:

    Why was the audience laughing? Sounds like they’re making fun of conservatives to me.

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