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How did Trump do at ‘Today’ show town hall? ‘Easiest question’ gets biggest applause

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donald-trump-town-hallRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appeared on NBC’s “Today” show Monday, and agreed to take questions from voters in Atkinson, New Hampshire in a “Pancakes and Politics” town hall meeting.

At about the one-minute mark, he was asked if he would pledge to veto any gun reform legislation that would be placed on his desk if elected president.

”Yes,” the real estate developer said. “Because we have tremendous regulations already,” adding that the laws that are already on the books aren’t being enforced.

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At about the 3:45 mark, Trump was asked if he could fire anyone in government, whom would it be. The answer was easy for him and came almost before the question was completed.

“The president of the United States,” he said. “That was the easiest question I had today!”

In this clip, Trump was asked whether he’d ever been told “no.” The answer? He’d been told “no” his entire life — his success was was rooted in going ahead anyway.


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