Gun-waving ‘kill cops and white people’ activist thought a black woman judge would let her off easy – WRONG!


Source: WSB-TV

A Georgia #BlackLivesMatter activist, who posted video threats against police, didn’t get any special treatment just because her judge was also a black woman.

Clayton County Magistrate Judge Wanda Dallas didn’t buy Latausha Nedd‘s  argument that she was just exercising her First Amendment rights by waving a gun and a machete at the camera in her videos, and calling for “blacks to take police officer’s guns, take over a police station, and kill white people.”

Dallas slapped Nedd with $70,000 bail, and declared that charges of criminal solicitation and terroristic threats should go forward.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV showed parts of the nearly 14 minutes of video that prosecutors played in court.

In her remarks, the judge slammed  the defendant, who was arrested on September 24 after her videos were emailed to authorities, telling her that “more violence to protest violence gets us nowhere.” She also imposed strict conditions, including that Nedd cannot post videos online while awaiting trial.

Nedd’s lawyers argued that the videos were “hacked from an online video chat room” and not intended to go viral all over the web.  Her father, who works for police department in Long Island, New York, also testified on his daughter’s behalf.

“My daughter is no way a threat to—especially police officers,” he told the station.

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Source: WSB-TV

Fellow activists have flocked to Nedd’s defense.

Project South, a “bottom-up movement building for social and economic justice,” according to its website, wrote on its Facebook page that “Latausha is a well-loved and committed community activist who has worked with several local organizations over the last eight to ten years. She is an artist, a musician, a singer, and an organizer.”

The statement continued, “if her words and expressions of rage are allowed to be understood as criminal or terroristic, not only is her life and well-being threatened, the future of our collective liberation faces deep, complicated challenges.”

Judge Dallas disagreed: “collective liberation” doesn’t justify waving guns into a camera while making threats to kill white people.  And that’s good news for the rest of us whose lives also matter.

Watch the video below, courtesy of WSB-TV.

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Steve Berman

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185 thoughts on “Gun-waving ‘kill cops and white people’ activist thought a black woman judge would let her off easy – WRONG!

  1. Nunnyah Biz says:

    You know, I’m kinda getting to the point where I just want them to start actually trying to kill white people and the cops! Because I know I’m sure as he!! not just going to sit there and let them do it!

    C’mon, let’s get this done and over with already! I’ve got more important things to do………………… making sure MY Life, and my Family’s Lives Matter!

    1. tedlv says:

      I’m with you.

  2. Mary Brown says:

    Just another black thinking they can get away with crime!

  3. ort says:

    The judge was spot on. This knuckle dragger’s father is an a hole.

  4. liberaltraitors says:

    I hope she gets shanked in her butt.

  5. sharinite says:

    If #blacklivesmattered, then she would be demanding an end to abortion which has murdered 25 million black babies….or, she would decry the hundreds of murders weekly in Chicago of black on blacks!

  6. nonnie11 says:

    All I want to know if she is going to face race charges!!!!!!

  7. Kerri Burns says:

    Send her with her guns to fight ISIS. Maybe she can get some of that hate out of her.

  8. Defendyourself says:

    I hope you gets a long prison sentence for her terrorists actions. We need to protect our police. They are our only defense against vermin like this,

  9. Jimmy says:

    I guess she just learned the hard way justice is blind! Reminds me of an idiot’s post I read yesterday who said he would burn his buildings to the ground before paying a permit fee; they take our tax money in subsidies and hand outs and then still aren’t willing to participate in normal society.

  10. 1389AD says:

    Okay, I try not to be prejudiced, but it makes me uneasy to think that there are many black people who agree with this woman and who would like to kill me just because I’m white.

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