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Conflict of interest? Husband of Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby running for mayor

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Of course Freddie Gray’s death—or the prosecution of 6 Baltimore police officers—isn’t political, if you ask State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Except that her politician husband, Councilman Nick Mosby, is running for mayor of the place they call “Charm City,” which would make them quite the power couple.

How charming.

Mosby—the husband—announced his campaign Sunday with the slogan “are you ready to fight for a better Baltimore?”

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Some Twitter users thought that slogan was a bit ironic given the city’s recent history.

As for having two Mosby’s in high office, in the same city, could that possibly be a slight conflict of interest? Just possibly.

The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday that Councilman Mosby is likely to face questions about his wife’s position. “There are some who like the symbolism of a Baltimore power couple,” local talk radio host Farajii Muhammad said. “But other people are going to be very concerned. People will always have to wonder about the decisions they’re making.”

After nearly 50 years of Democrat rule in Baltimore, what could go wrong?

Steve Berman


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