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Wow, Hillary ticked off a lot of veterans with what she just said about the VA

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clinton-maddowDemocratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said last week that the problems besieging the Veterans Administration weren’t as bad as people make out.

Maybe she should get out and talk to ordinary American voters — not those hand-picked by her team — because they strongly disagree with that assessment.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” Friday, the host remarked that she was “genuinely shocked” by suggestions of Republicans that our nation’s veterans could be better served by privatizing the Veterans Administration and “throwing veterans under the mercy of the private health care system.”

“Do you have any new ideas for trying to fix it?” Maddow asked.

“I don’t understand why we have such a problem,” Clinton said. But then instead of addressing how she would rid the agency of its miles of red tape and backlog of cases, she claimed the problem wasn’t as bad as it’s made out.

“There have been a number of surveys of veterans, and overall, veterans who do get treated are satisfied with their treatment,” she said.

Then she claimed that Republicans bore much of the blame by hyperbolizing the problem beyond reality.

“Nobody would believe that from the coverage that you see and the constant berating of the VA that comes from the Republicans, in part, in pursuit of this ideological agenda that they have.”

Maddow reminded the former secretary of state that that there nonetheless “have been scandals.”

“But it’s not been as widespread as it has been made out to be,” Clinton insisted.

Watch the exchange, via MSNBC, then check the Twitter comments comments below.

Fox News threw the question out, and it soon became clear that people on social media weren’t buying it.

And one turned it into a political message.


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