Video: Dramatic helmet camera footage of US raid to free ISIS hostages

Dramatic footage of what is said to be the joint U.S.- Kurdish raid on an Islamic State prison in Iraq has surfaced and is being played by major news outlets.

Delta Force commando Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler became the first American to die in combat against ISIS during Thursday’s raid — even though the White House refuses to call it a combat operation.

Kurdish Peshmerga special forces led the raid and were supported by the elite U.S. Delta Force soldiers, according to The Washington Post.

Wheeler, who was shot coming to the aid of pinned-down Kurdish forces, becomes the first American killed in combat in Iraq since President Obama declared the Iraq War over in 2011.

isis raid

The Post reported on the video:

A video first posted Saturday by Rudaw, a Kurdish news site, purportedly shows footage of the joint U.S.-Kurdish raid that freed about 70 hostages from an Islamic State prison in northern Iraq early Thursday morning…

The video, filmed by a camera on what appears to be a Kurdish soldier’s helmet, appears to show Delta operators and Kurdish forces operating side by side, wearing similar uniforms and equipment. The entirety of the footage appears to be shot from inside the compound and in one scene an Islamic State flag is pictured clearly on the wall.


About 30 U.S. troops were involved in the raid in support of more than 40 Kurdish commandos — the Americans were drawn into the fight when their allies began suffering casualties.



Tom Tillison


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