Take our POLL: Trump says ‘I will be a great unifier for our country’ – do you agree?

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Amid the deeply polarizing times that define President Obama’s tenure, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Sunday he will be a “great unifier” for the country.

Appearing via phone on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the real estate tycoon commented on Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, pointing to how “partisan” the proceedings were and the “hatred” on display between the parties.

“It was very partisan, and it looked quite partisan,” Trump said. “The level of hatred between Republicans and Democrats was unbelievable. You’ve never seen anything like this.”

He then told host Jake Tapper he’ll be a “great unifier” as president.

“I’m going to unify,” the candidate said. “This country is totally divided.”

And Trump understands the root cause of the divide.

“Barack Obama has divided this country unbelievably, and it’s all hatred,” he said. “What can I tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m going to unify the country.”

Trump fell back on something he has taken has taken heat for on the campaign trail, his past support of Democrats.

“One of the big knocks on me was that over the years I’ve gotten along with Democrats and I’ve gotten along with Republicans, and I said that’s a good thing,” he said. “As a businessman, I had an obligation to do that, to myself, to my family, to my company, to my employees.”

I get along with everybody,” Trump added. “I will be a great unifier for our country.”

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


10 thoughts on “Take our POLL: Trump says ‘I will be a great unifier for our country’ – do you agree?

  1. AFlaVet says:

    Start by shutting down BLM, LaRaza and deport all mexi-rats and their anchor trash Don.

  2. tsigili says:

    He is the ONLY candidate who has a shot at doing that, yes. I expect the Dems to only participate, after being dragged, screaming, into the negotiation process, however, because they are totally anti-America.

    1. HadEnough says:

      I Agree, tsigili

  3. Gary says:

    Trump is correct, Obama has divided this country because he and his wife hate America and want only the worse for America. He has divided America in many ways, but the most apparent is his total disregard for the American taxpayer by setting as his goal from the start to redistribute American wealth to every illegal immigrant that crosses our borders and the rest of the world. The American people are fed up with supporting the rest of the world while many real Americans go hungry and homeless. His actions have built hatred across America.

    1. HadEnough says:

      100% Agree, Gary

  4. John Campbell says:

    If, when, Trump is elected you’re going to see instantly every possible international globalist socialist effort sponsoring every front group they can possibly create, muster, and fund for the rent-a-mob, hitting the streets to try to attack Trump, our form of government, and everything else they can possibly come up with. I’ll be LMAO to see it, especially when we bring out the water cannon, my personal favorite. :o)

    During the process Trump will be the great unifier as the entire nation will come together in outright disgust for these socialist scum. :o)

  5. James says:

    Donald Trump is NOT pro Life! Mike Huckabee clearly is pro life! Donald Trump is NOT 100% second Amendment! Mike Huckabee is! Donald Trump is NOT for the, Fair Tax! Mike is and will make America strong again as he did while being Governor of Arkansas!

  6. the American says:

    I do believe he will be the great unifier since as soon as foreign nationals that are ilgally in our country are removed , there will be a lot of jobs open to a lot of unemployed American citizens. they will have but no choice but to take those jobs because I’m assuming that Trump also has a good mind to cut welfare and remove it’s incentives… he knows just as most of us sharp minded Americans that it is a great cancer to our society… people need their dignity back …..they need to work for what they receive! without that we can never return to greatness again.

  7. Lorene B says:

    We don’t hear much about Huckabee. I say Trump for president and Huckabee for VP.

  8. Steve Graham says:

    HOW can he be? He’s so rich (>$4 Billion) that he has no clue as to what the average American wants or needs. How long since he’s had to decide between buying critical prescriptions or paying the rent/mortgage? When’s the last time he had to patch up an old wreck of a car because a car payment would break his budget? I could go on. We don’t need another out-of-touch-with-reality President.

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