‘More free stuff’: Bolling, Geraldo butt heads on Dems’ pretty spin on socialism

bolling-reieraFox News Channel’s Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera butted heads on “The O’Reilly Factor” Friday over the notion that Democrats essentially buy votes by offering free stuff.

Host Bill O’Reilly said that America is moving far to the left, and cited the early rease of drug dealers from prison to Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts to support his claim.

Rivera claimed that it wasn’t just the left — the far right is moving further to the right.

Bolling countered that the move further to the left was thrown into high gear by President Barack Obama.

“The mantra is now, ‘give us your vote, and we’ll give you more free stuff.’ “ he said.

Rivera disagreed.

“Young people historically have been historically liberal,” he said, and cited their desire for immigration reform and access to abortion on demand as proof.

“The vast majority of them embrace the Sanders [Democratic socialist] philosophy.”

Bolling shot back that “Being a socialist used to be a derogatory term,” adding that “Geraldo’s head exploded” when Bolling “once called Obama the Socialist in Chief.”


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