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Judge Jeanine warns Hillary: Political two-step may have worked at hearing, but it won’t work with FBI

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Pirro ClintonJudge Jeanine Pirro gave Hillary Clinton credit for adeptly dancing around the tough questions during the House Select Committee hearings on the attacks in Benghazi but warned her that her dance won’t work with the FBI.

“I watched as the hearing devolved from a search for the truth to theater – political theater,” Pirro said in her “Opening Statement” on Fox News’ “Justice with judge Jeanine” Saturday. “And although she was wrong on the merits she was right on the theater and in the end she won.”

The judge laid out all the facts of the case as if she was literally delivering an opening statement to a grand jury while showing clips of Clinton skillfully avoiding answering them.

Pirro said the “political two-step” she did worked for the media who will cover for her and earn her a “coronation” as the Democrat nominee for president but it won’t help her as the FBI continues its investigation.

“In another hearing in the same building the head of the FBI, Jim Comey, said ‘I’m following this very closely and getting briefed on it regularly,’” Pirro said. “Hillary, the Washington two-step may have worked at that hearing but it will not work with FBI Director Jim Comey.

Watch the entire Opening Statement below.

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