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How to carve a pumpkin when you’ve lost your knife (but not your gun)

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kirsten-weiss3With Halloween right around the corner, here’s something that could be fun — carve a pumpkin into a Jack-o’-lantern without the use of a knife.

Professional markswoman Kirsten Joy Weiss tells her viewers in this video that she has a pumpkin on her shoulder, “always a good day,” and she also has a gun, “even a better day.”

She adds that although those taking the challenge can be pretty accurate carving the front of the pumpkin, the real fun is to see what happens to the back, and it’s “going to be the coolest part.”

“He’s going to be a Quasimodo pumpkin, I think,” she said, when unintended chunks started flying off.

Watch the clip and see the results. If it inspires you to do the same, head off to your local outdoor range to give it a try.


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