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No ‘SNL’ for Ben Carson: Serious times call for serious men

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Serious times call for serious men.

That was the stance taken by Republican presidential contender Ben Carson this week when presented with the possibility of hosting “Saturday Night Live” during an interview with Bloomberg Politics, the New York Daily News reported.

Even if the gig has all but become a rite of passage for many presidential contenders.

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“I think the presidency of the United States is a very serious thing,” Carson said. “I don’t even want to begin to put it in the lightness of comedy.”

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Please don’t repeat that around President Obama.

This is yet another difference between the retired neurosurgeon and GOP rival Donald Trump, who has previously hosted the show and is scheduled to do so again on November 7.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton also hosted the show recently.

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But Carson is not interested in competing with Trump in this manner, nor in exchanging barbs with the real estate tycoon.

“My personal interactions have shown him to be a gentleman,” Carson told Bloomberg Politics. “I think there’s another element sometimes when he’s on camera.”

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